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Pandemic-inspired art, appropriation and found images

Digitally altered image depicting a family sitting on a bench, showcasing a creative and imaginative transformation. The artwork portrays a unique blend of colors, textures, and visual effects, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal and capturing the essence of togetherness and shared moments.
Documents of Social Distancing, 2020

Today I wanted to revisit and write about some of my pandemic-inspired art. As part of my 3rd-year Contemporary Art Practice Degree, I embarked on a compelling project that explores the appropriation of found images and the pervasive slogans that have woven themselves into the fabric of our daily lives during these challenging times.

The then current socio-political climate meant that we found ourselves in an unprecedented situation that reverberated through every aspect of our existence. Not only did it dominate our television screens, but it permeated our daily routines, thoughts, and conversations. The abrupt shift from a "take it on the chin" mentality to a reality of lockdown, isolation, and a continuous barrage of political promises and slogans left an indelible mark on our collective consciousness.

In response to these extraordinary circumstances, this body of work serves as a statement of my state of isolation and a message from social distancing. Through my art, I aimed to capture the essence of this unparalleled time, using appropriation as a means of expressing the disorienting experience we were all enduring.

Within my artistic exploration, I delved into the nature of memories, skilfully blending the old with the new. Found images, rich with history, are repurposed and take on new meanings that resonated with the moment. These artworks become a representation of a profound period in time, one that has profoundly impacted us all.

Through this project, I aimed to convey the significance and emotional weight of the pandemic through the lens of contemporary art. By appropriating found images and intertwining them with the slogans and phrases that become part of our collective consciousness, I hoped to capture the essence of isolation, resilience, and the ever-evolving socio-political landscape.

Join me on this artistic journey as we navigate the intricate interplay between art, memory, and meaning. Together, let's reflect on the unprecedented times we found ourselves in and uncover the profound stories hidden within the pandemic experience.

Discover more about this project and explore additional creative expressions on my Tumblr page, and don't forget to buy the book that brings this thought-provoking journey to life.

View the finished project here >>>

Or, explore the process behind my project and how the pandemic-inspired art, appropriation and found images took shape on my dedicated Tumblr

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