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Stained glass artwork depicting a mother holding her child. The piece features colorful glass pieces arranged in a heart-shaped design with intricate details on the mother and child's clothing and blank faces.


Award winning contemporary artist based on the outskirts of Glasgow I specialise in both glass art and photographic media.


My art is heavily influenced by memories and their impact on our lives. I believe that our memories shape who we are and influence the way we perceive the world.  As such, my work often focuses on personal experiences and memories, using them as a starting point to explore larger themes and ideas.

In my creative process, I draw upon memories to create a narrative that captures the essence of a moment or feeling.  I often work with a range of materials and techniques, including drawing, painting, and mixed media, to create works that are multidimensional and layered, much like our memories.

By using memories as a starting point, my work explores the intersection between the personal and the universal.  I am interested in exploring how our memories can be both unique to us and yet relatable to others.  Through my art, I hope to create a sense of connection and understanding that transcends individual experience.

Ultimately, my goal as an artist is to create work that invites viewers to reflect on their own memories and experiences, and to consider how they shape their own narratives.  By creating art that is rooted in personal experience, I hope to create a space for empathy and connection, and to encourage viewers to see themselves and their experiences in a new light.

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