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This project forms part of my 3rd year Contemporary Art Practice Degree and is the culmination of my Process and Production module.

My current body of work represents the appropriation of found images and the slogans and phases that have become a part of our daily lives during the pandemic.

In our current socio-political climate, we are witness to an unprecedented situation that is playing out, not only on our TV screens, but in every aspect of our daily lives. In a short space of time we were moved from a “take it on the chin” mentality to one of lockdown and isolation and a constant stream of political promises and slogans.

It is unprecedented and these works have been produced as a statement from my state of isolation. A message from Social distancing.

I have explored the nature of memories, appropriating old with new.

The original stories may be lost but now they have new meaning, a representation of a moment in time that has affected us all.


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