Are Memories the Creative Plastic of Infinite Transformation?

The prevalence and variation of representations of memories, whichever form from which they are derived, all exhibit a sense of connection to the self.

My main aim within this research project was to explore the various means by which Memories are used in Contemporary Art Practice and to create a distinct body of work.  As with any medium they are transformed and shaped by the artist to create a representation of the thing or event from which they are derived.  “It starts as this and…becomes that” (Horn 2011)

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Augmented Reality Interaction

Some of these works are interactive.

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Like language, which is constantly changing, myths aren’t entirely pre-programmed according to their structures.  Myths, as they are retold, change in various ways: they can be expanded or edited, paraphrased or translated, and elements of the story can be emphasised or de-emphasised.

Anne D'Alleva


Are Memories the Creative Plastic of Infinite Creation?

Virtual Exhibition

With the challenges of lockdown restricting the ways in which we interact and experience the arts I have created a virtual installation using Artsteps to give a sense of how I hoped the final installation would have been presented.  Whilst not exactly as intended it will hopefully give you a sense of the final form.

You can also buy a selection of works from my online store as well as a book detailing several of the works and the conclusion of my research project on

When I began this research project I knew there would be a significant body of work, both exploratory and finished, to which I could turn my attentions when I began to curate my final installation.  Whilst I have documented much of this on a dedicated Tumblr blog many of the works remain inaccessible due to the studio being closed until lockdown is eased and I have had to rely upon the digital works to show the journey I have undertaken.

I hope to be able to revisit this in the future with a physical show that will bring together all of the works in a more meaningful manner.

Until then I present the virtual version of my show!

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Are Memories the Creative Plastic of Infinite Transformation?

Presented by Tim Kirman